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A galvanizing summit to imagine a safe and just Chicago.

In the midst of an unprecedented national reckoning around the criminal legal system, community leaders, defenders, and people with direct experience are fighting for a truly healthy future for Chicago.

How We Got Here

From June 24-26, 2022, public defenders and movement lawyers, organizers, artists, media and people with direct experience gathered at the Chicago Transformation Collab Summit and Festival to celebrate Chicago, forge new common ground, foster coalition, and develop strategies for cultural, legal, and policy wins that will strengthen communities rather than continue to tear them apart.

The Future

The Chicago Transformation Collab lives on through a powerful, emerging coalition of local leaders and community members to ensure a safe and just future for all.

The Summit.

Training sessions, deep conversations, and experiential workshops on alignment, campaign, media and messaging strategy, conflict resolution, effective storytelling, and arts advocacy.

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The Festival.

Public fair with local businesses, pop-up art galleries, live DJs, panel discussions with community leaders and established creatives. Featured Bella BAHHS, Mother Nature, Heavy Crownz, and Allen the

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The Community

The Chicago Transformation Collab brought Chicagoans together who are on the frontlines in the fight for justice. Here's who was there:

Community Leaders

Organizers. Faith Leaders. Chicagoans.

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Visual. Performance. Poetry.

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Public Defenders/Movement Lawyers

Civil rights lawyers. Witnesses.

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People with Direct Experience

Loved ones. Family. Incarcerated. Targeted. System impacted.

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Restorative Justice Practicioners

Those who have been harmed. Those who have harmed.

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All of us.

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